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Take It from Us.
Your Support Allows VIAW to Make the Difference.

Sheila Kuehl 2013“During my fourteen years in the California legislature, I saw firsthand
the difficulties faced by thousands of Californians who had been injured
at work and were trying to navigate their way through the laws that were
supposed to protect them. I also saw Voters Injured At Work help guide
workers who were already in pain toward systemic solutions that could
better care for them and provide fairer outcomes. California’s first-class
workforce deserves a world-class safety net. VIAW is leading the fight for
relief, rehabilitation, and full access to healthcare.”
Sheila Kuehl, former state Senator

“Voters Injured at Work (VIAW) is dedicated to protecting the health andGil_Cedillo 2013
wellbeing of injured workers in California. They provide much-needed
assistance to employees who are injured on the job. VIAW is the only
organization in the state of California that advocates vociferously and
tirelessly for injured workers and will continue the battle until they
have achieved justice for them.”
Gil Cedillo, former state Senator

Bonnie Smith 2013“Getting help for job-related injuries is often a hard job in itself, like
fighting the current. That’s why Voters Injured At Work is so important.
Having advocates through the workers compensation process and finding our
own voice in the push for worker-friendly improvements in state law can
mean the difference between sinking and swimming, for ourselves and
others. VIAW has been working for a decade so that injured workers and our
families reach the shore safely.”
Bonnie Smith, recovering injured worker & award-winning artist, San Jose

“No hard-working Californian should end up under the bus. But a safety net
and timely help don’t exist unless people demand them. Injured workersJohn Larson 2013
can’t demand and win them alone. Doctors and caregivers can’t do it alone.
Even attorneys and our best friends in the legislature can’t do it alone.
The path to life-enhancing services, an on-ramp back to work, and fairness
for injured workers are only accessible when we fight for them together.
Leading that fight and building alliances are what Voters Injured At Work
does every day. Please join me in supporting the unique and powerful work
of VIAW.”
Dr. John Larson, D.C., with offices in Oakland and San Jose