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Victory! Governor signs interpreter bill

Posted on 16 October 2013 by admin

Today Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1376. The emergency legislation sponsored by VIAW will allow thousands of Californians hurt on the job to have access to certified interpreters during medical visits.

state-capitolHundreds of qualified interpreters in the state will now be able to gain certification, thanks to an extended deadline of March 1, 2014, created by the law for obtaining state certification. The measure, a subject of legislative visits, calls, and letters by injured workers and interpreters late in the 2013 legislative session, marks a major success for the statewide coalition.

Approval by the governor came on the last day of his consideration of bills sent by the legislature. As evening descended on the state, it drew jubilance and appreciation.

jesse-ceniceros“This is a great day for injured workers and interpreters in California. The signing of AB 1376 shows that we can win when we work together closely with allies and make our voice heard with lawmakers and the governor,” says Jesse Ceniceros, board chair of Voters Injured At Work.

“Californians speak more than 100 languages. The genius, sweat, and blood of our workforce help make this state the envy of the world. This victory for injured workers to put medical treatment in a language we understand within reach is one small step in our continuing journey toward justice. We thank Governor Brown. And we will fight on to make California work for injured workers.”

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  1. Kendra Hunter Says:

    I hope I can find some help here. I was injured in 1993 and I continue to fight to this day for my “Future Medical Care”. Under California law I am not entitled to an attorny and I must do all the work myself. As my health worsen because of a SCIF adjuster who doesn’t find court orders anything she should bother with, I find I could really use some help.
    Kendra Hunter
    DoI: 04/29/1993

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