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VIAW Newswire 03.05.14

Posted on 05 March 2014 by admin

Report: California’s cost for state workers’ pay to increase $500 million next year

In a far-ranging assessment of how much California pays its help, a nonpartisan report on Tuesday said the state government will spend a half-billion dollars more on employee compensation next year, but most workers’ take-home wages will continue to lag behind inflation.


CA DWC Posts Adjustment OMFS Inpatient Hospital Section to Conform to Medicare Changes

he Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has posted an adjustment to the inpatient hospital section of the official medical fee schedule (OMFS) to conform to changes in the Medicare payment system DRG relative weights, as required by Labor Code section 5307.1. The effective date of the changes is March 15, 2014.


Little Used Federal Laws Give Employer Disability Management Control

Employers interact with employee disability through a number of laws. Until now, there has been little attention focused on how to coordinate statutory compliance to achieve better overall results. Workers compensation, in particular, has operated with little or no coordination with other laws.


Michael Weinper: The Goldilocks Syndrome: How Much PT is Just Right for an Injured Worker?

If Goldilocks were to go in search of the “just right” fit for managing a workers’ compensation claim, one of the first options she would try on for size would be physical therapy. With most injuries involving musculoskeletal problems, and back pain being one of the most common claims, PT is often used as part of the care plan for recovery.

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