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VIAW Newswire 08.16.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

Wal-Mart signs corporate-wide settlement with US Labor Department
Agreement resolves OSHA citations at Rochester, N.Y., store following 2011 inspections
WASHINGTON —Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., has entered into a corporate-wide settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor to improve safety and health conditions in all 2,857 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores under federal jurisdiction. The settlement, which resolves two enforcement cases that began in 2011, includes provisions for the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer to enhance safety and health practices and training related to trash compactors, cleaning chemicals and hazard communications corporate-wide.

Wage gap between CEOs, workers shows costly disregard
U.S. workers are apparently tired of being the last ones considered when wealth is being made in America. So, across the country, people have been demonstrating for an increase in the federal minimum wage.
While the average CEO pay has climbed to over 300 times the average worker’s, those making the legal minimum of $7.25 an hour are barely squeaking by on $15,000 a year. And they’ve gone without a legally required raise for four years.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infections in Health Care Workers
A majority of the 94 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) infection that have been reported to date have occurred in Saudi Arabia. Patients with this infection have presented with serious respiratory disease and have required hospitalization.1,2 However, there have been case reports of less severe disease within family3,4 and hospital2 clusters, and the clinical spectrum of MERS-CoV infections may extend to asymptomatic and subclinical cases. Therefore, the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of this infection need further definition. The patterns of the spread of MERs-CoV among family3,4 or hospital2 clusters suggest that transmission occurs through droplets or contact. We previously reported two cases of MERS-CoV infection in health care workers,2 one of which was fatal.

Costa Mesa City Hall proposes deep cuts in workers’ pay, benefits
The city of Costa Mesa opened contract negotiations with its largest employee association this week by proposing that employees take an across-the-board 5% pay cut, increase their pension contributions and take other sharp reductions in compensation. A workers’ representative deemed the proposal “offensive.”

OC Business Journal names Edgewood Partners Insurance Center as a ‘Best Place to Work’ for 2013 in Calif.
IRVINE, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: Edgewood Partners Insurance Center has announced that the Orange County Business Journal has recognized EPIC as a ‘Best Place to Work’ in Orange County, Calif. EPIC is one of only 34 Orange County companies with 250 or more employees to receive this honor and is ranked fourth in the large company category.

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