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VIAW Newswire 07.29.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

Consumer Advocates, Attorneys Aim To Lift Medical Malpractice Cap
Consumer Watchdog and attorneys have launched a campaign to eliminate a cap on damages under California’s medical malpractice law, the Sacramento Business Journal reports (Robertson,Sacramento Business Journal, 7/8).


Most States With Own Exchanges To Offer ‘Employee Choice’
Most of the 17 states that have chosen to operate their own health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act plan to offer small business workers the “employee choice” coverage option in 2014, which the Obama administration has delayed in the exchanges that the federal government will operate, according to a report released by the Commonwealth Fund, Kaiser Health News’ “Capsules” reports (Appleby, “Capsules,” Kaiser Health News, 7/11).

Groups Want Kids’ Dental Care Included in Regular Exchange Plans
Children’s advocacy groups want Covered California to include pediatric dental care as a primary benefit in health plans offered through the state insurance exchange next year, the Sacramento Bee reports (Sanders, Sacramento Bee, 7/10).

Researchers Look At Why Poor Patients Prefer Hospital Care
But a Health Affairs study published Monday says the barriers for poor people looking to get care are even higher, and it’s leading them away from preventive doctor visits and toward emergency rooms and costly, hospital-based care.

State Midwives Rally Around Bill To Ease Restrictions on Home Births
California midwives and their advocates are supporting legislation (AB 1308) that would loosen restrictions on home births, theSacramento Bee reports.

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