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VIAW Newswire 07.24.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

SEIU Has Right To Private Contact Information Of Non-Represented County Employees
During the course of collective bargaining, the Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) asked the county for the personal contact information (names, home addresses and home telephone numbers) of county employees who are in the bargaining unit but who are not members of the union. When the county refused to disclose that information based on the employees’ right to privacy, the union filed an unfair employee-relations practice charge with the Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission.

Academia’s Pink-Collar Workforce
Low-paid adjunct faculty, who are mostly female, have started unionizing for better pay—and winning.

The Caregivers’ Dilemma
When Kelley Erving was young, her grandmother was aging and had grown unable to care for herself. Erving and her mother both had jobs outside the home, so a home care worker named Lateisha helped Erving’s grandmother. Lateisha performed tasks like bathing Erving’s grandmother, feeding her, and helping her with her medications.

Back pain: Experimental treatment uses stem cells to regenerate discs
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Chronic back pain affects nearly 1 in 3 in the U.S. Unfortunately, treatment options are limited and often surgery is done as a last resort. But an experimental new treatment doesn’t involve going under the knife.

Obesity makes cancer harder to treat – researchers
LOS ANGELES (KABC) — As the number of obese children continues to rise, there’s concern the number of childhood cancer cases will rise as well. Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are hoping finding the link between the two could be the answer to finding new treatments.

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