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VIAW Newswire 07.22.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

Oleg Deripaska, Russian Billionaire, Gives Away $3 Million Bonus To Employees
One CEO is doing his part to close the gap between himself and his employees.
Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska is declining his entire $3 million bonusand instead will use the money to buy shares for 120 of his more than 72,0000 employees, according to the BBC.

CA State Fund Begins Distributing $100 Million Dividend
San Francisco, CA ( – State Fund will begin issuing dividend payments to eligible policyholders in early July. The $100 million dividend will be paid on the 2012 policy year; eligible policyholders will receive approximately 10% of their 2012 estimated annual premium.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) sponsored an occupational health supplement to the 2010 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS-OHS) to provide current, national estimates on the prevalence of common workplace exposures and commonly work-related health conditions.

Refusing Employee Requests to Work Part-time: Potential Risks for Employers
On 31 May 2013, in its decision in Rind v Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees, the Australian Fair Work Commission (FWC) found that an employer constructively dismissed an employee by unreasonably refusing her request to work part-time.

A smaller workspace may make you a better person
There could be an upside to being confined to that tiny cubicle at work: It may make you less likely to cheat.
A new study in the Psychological Science journal finds that sitting at a large workspace or in a big seat in a car can make people feel more powerful — and therefore, lead them to act more deceptively.

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