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VIAW Newswire 07.10.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

From Congressman Jared Huffman

What are your thoughts on immigration reform? I want to make sure that Congress hears from you, so join the conversation online!
State approves toxic clean-up plan for downtown Sacramento railyard
After years of rewrites and delays, state environmental officials on Wednesday approved a long-awaited plan for toxic clean-up of the central shops section of the downtown Sacramento railyard.

Hospital costs higher for workers’ comp
A study comparing hospital costs for one of the most common surgeries suggests that it’s more expensive when paid for by workers’ compensation than by group insurance.
The Workers Compensation Research Institute compared 2008 hospital outpatient payments for shoulder surgeries, and found group health insurance paying quite a bit a less on average in several large states.

Why On-the-Job Injuries Cost So Much
Despite their battle to contain costs of all kinds, CFOs rarely look at their companies’ workers compensation payments.
Reasoning that the per-unit outlays for the medical care of workers injured on the job are fixed by state statute, finance executives tend to shrug and pay bills at 100 percent of the asking price of the doctor and hospital without questioning them.
Employer Health Insurance Mandate Delayed Until 2015
The Obama administration will delay a crucial provision of its signature health care law, giving businesses an extra year to comply with a requirement that they provide their workers with insurance.

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