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VIAW Newswire 06.20.13

Posted on 05 September 2013 by admin

White House Threatens Veto of Farm Bill Over Food Stamp Cuts
The White House threatened to veto a five-year farm bill on Thursday because of “unacceptable deep cuts” in food stamps for the poor that could increase hunger across America.

Milk Money: Farm Bill Could Hinge On Dairy Vote
Approval of a massive farm bill – and the cost of a gallon of milk – could hinge on a proposed new dairy program the House is expected to vote on this week.

California Insurance Commissioner: Bar Anthem From Health Exchange
California’s insurance commissioner wants to exclude Anthem Blue Cross from the state’s new health exchange for small businesses, saying it’s made excessive rate hikes.
Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said three increases this year – including one of nearly 18 percent – were unreasonable. However, under state law he couldn’t block them.

Blue Shield Might Win L.A. City Worker Contract Over Anthem
Blue Shield of California could acquire a contract to provide health coverage for Los Angeles city workers over a bid by Anthem Blue Cross, the Los Angeles Times reports.
It’s hot outside! Is your air conditioner up to the job?
As the weather in Southwest County heats up, it’s time for homeowners to ask if their air conditioning system is ready for the heavy-use season ahead.

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