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Claudette Brewer Horror Story

Posted on 28 August 2013 by admin

“The Wal-Mart management team was supposed to make sure I was treated for my injuries, instead was more concerned about cleaning up the floor where I fell. I was left in a wheelchair waiting for over three hours in personal while they figure out what to do…

Plus, my case is being mishandled by including prior injuries and cases by the insurance company that have absolutely no relation to the present case. Furthermore, the settlement offered was nothing more but cents for the non-worked hours during the 27 months of incapacitation.”

About me: My name is Claudette and I live in Riverside, California.

My family I am a mother of five grown children.

My Job and What Happened: After working as a cashier for two years for Wal-Mart proudly providing for, raising and educating my children as a single mother, I have sustained a work injury on March 8th, 2011. The first-degree injuries were concentrated to the shoulder, knee, hip and the lower lumbar area. The second-degree conditions developed as the time and workman’s comp case progressed at the psychological level.

How Workers’ Comp was supposed to help me: Workers compensation insurance was to provide me with medical care to heal my injuries, help me return to work, and help provide relief from loss of income. After two years, I’m still injured, out of work, and can’t even provide for myself, nor have a social life or go to church as I used to, and lost my car due to financial hardship. My case should be plainly concluded due to the video footage – evidence of the work accident provided by my employer and lawyer. The insurance should stop any attempts of including any past issues and history from my life unrelated to the case in attempts to relate them to current workers’ comp case. In addition, employers should provide adequate training to their employees on how to handle first hand injured workers during the first moments of a work accident as well as how to report the incident.

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