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VIAW Newswire 02.26.13

Posted on 15 May 2013 by admin

6 Ways Spine Surgery Centers Can Boost Patient Satisfaction

Here are Mr. Jones’ six ways for spine surgery centers to increase overall patient satisfaction. (That could very well be applied in every patient situation – VIAW addition…)


California Best Buy Stores Must Pay $875K In Pricing Suit

A Riverside County judge has ordered Best Buy Stores to pay nearly $900,000 […] to settle a lawsuit alleging the company charged more than advertised prices at some California stores.


Medical Don’ts: Doctors Identify Unnecessary, Harmful Tests, Treatments


That’s how many medical tests, treatments and other procedures – many used for decades – physicians have now identified as almost always unnecessary and often harmful, and which doctors and patients should therefore avoid or at least seriously question.


Rate Cap for Older Insureds to Mean Higher Health Insurance Costs for Younger


The Obama administration on Friday finalized new consumer safeguards for health insurance that impose tighter restrictions on what insurers can charge older customers, despite industry warnings that the young may be forced to pay more as a result.


Su Alleges Workers’ Comp Fraud Against California Restaurant



The owners of a restaurant in San Marcos, Calif. have been charged with felony counts of workers’ compensation fraud and forgery following a referral by the California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su’s criminal investigation unit to the San Diego District Attorney’s Office.

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