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VIAW Newswire 01.25.13

Posted on 15 May 2013 by admin

It’s Here-Independent Medical Review – Part 2

After the secondary review, and after the provider submits the proper request and fees for IBR, §9792.5.9 details how the IBR request must be processed. Once the IBR is received, the Administrative Director (“AD”) will determine if the IBR request is not eligible for IBR. To make this determination, the AD will consider: (Regulation 9792.5.9 (a)).


Pension Panic Fueled By Anti-Worker Politics?

It’s a common refrain in local papers: State faces pension funding crisis! Retiree benefits out of control! Public pensions bog down taxpayers!


Work-Related Rotator Cuff Tears

With the cut back in the labor force more and more workers are being forced to pick up the slack.


Firing Employees Who Don’t Get Flu Shots: What Risks Do Hospitals Face?

As hospitals continue to see an onslaught of flu patients, they also face challenges to flu vaccination policies designed to reduce the spread of flu to patients and fellow employees.


Greek Subway Workers Defy Back-To-Work Order, Extend Strike to 6th Day

TAKE A WALK: Striking subway workers in Athens defied a court order to return to their jobs and continued their protest for a sixth day on Tuesday over pay cuts.

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