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IAW Newswire 03.13.13

Posted on 15 May 2013 by admin

Combatting the Evils of Opioid Addiction: When the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

The numerous ills associated with workers’ compensation claimants (claimants) abusing prescribed opioids is a perfect example of medical care professionals acting in haste in a manner that results in claimants and workers’ compensation insurers repenting at leisure.

California lawmakers avoid campaign contribution limits with ballot measure accounts

Thirteen years after California instituted campaign finance limits, lawmakers at the state Capitol are making broad use of a maneuver to avoid them.


As California farmworkers age, a labor shortage looms

SELMA – Vicente Contreras is 70 years old – and “no más,” he insists with a smile – and he says he is still fit and hearty enough to perform the hard labor of California’s farm fields.

Capitol Alert: Latino Republican group touts California election wins

California Republicans spent a big chunk of their party convention last weekend discussing how to make inroads with Latinos, and a group devoted to nurturing candidates said this week it has made progress.


Federal program offers free cellphones to qualified low-income Californians

SACRAMENTO (KABC) — Homeless and other low-income people in California have a new way to connect with family and friends. They’re eligible for a free cellphone, thanks to a federal program. But does that mean your cellphone bill is going up?

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