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VIAW Newswire 12.24.12

Posted on 02 January 2013 by admin

How Do Commercial Insurers Evaluate Physician Quality?

Often, this is done with claims-based measures and beneficiary surveys. Today, I take a more detailed look at the UnitedHealth Premium physician designation program.


Study Examines Problem of Underreporting of Workers’ Compensation Injuries in Construction Sector

It happens at worksites here in California and across the United States every day.


OSHA Schedule Stakeholder Meetings to Discuss Preventing Injuries and Fatalities From Vehicle Backovers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has scheduled five informal stakeholder meetings to solicit comments on preventing injuries and fatalities from vehicle backovers.

Injured Worker Fraud Not Prevalent in Nevada

A friend today asked me about about an article in the Las Vegas Sun today regarding a Metro office who was caught doing something stupid and is being prosecuted for theft related to his workers’ compensation case.


California Republicans Target Top U.S. Public-Worker Pay

Republicans in the California Senate are drafting legislation targeting state worker compensation that exceeds pay levels for public employees elsewhere in virtually all wage categories and job descriptions.

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