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Help stop S.B. 863

Posted on 27 August 2012 by admin

Help stop S.B. 863 by downloading, signing and faxing this letter to Senator de León, Assembly Member Solorio and Governor Brown



Dear Senator de León and Assemblyman Solorio,


This letter is to urge you to stop your efforts to pass SB 863. I strongly urge you to think about the injured worker in California and not put the interests of big businesses like Grimmway Farms, Safeway and Disney before the rights of injured workers to obtain treatment and fair relief. I support reform that improves access to healthcare and protects the ability of workers to be able to prove their claims. This bill does not do that.


SB 863 was drafted behind closed doors and with no public debate. It clearly represents the interests of big business and does very little to reign in out-of-control insurance company premiums. The amendments hurt injured workers in the following ways:

  • This workers’ compensation package grants injured workers an illusory $720 million increase in permanent disability benefits, while actually cutting access to benefits. It will reduce benefits for many injured workers by reducing calculations.
  • It reduces coverage of home health care services for seriously injured workers.

It permits employers to delay payments of permanent disability benefits and creates roadblocks that will discourage injured workers from returning to work.

  • The proposed Independent Medical Review (IMR) system could further delay injured workers’ treatment, deny workers due process of law and will be very costly for employers.


  • It mandates the establishment of the Medicare Fee Schedule for workers’ compensation treatment and this will reduce injured workers’ access to specialty medical care, make it more difficult for injured workers’ to prove the cause and extent of their disabilities and increase employers’ insurance premiums.

Most importantly, it leaves the anti-injured worker provisions of 2004″s SB 899 intact including, utilization review, a biased definition of “apportionment” and other provisions that have reduced access to the system and caused a 61% reduction in benefits. Please stop SB 863. This bill will set back real reform for another decade.




(Signature) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________


Click link below to print formatted letter:

SB863 Revised PatientLetter-rev08262012

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  1. Francisco Onofre Says:

    Stop this abuse or we will vote you out

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