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Decisive Action Workers Comp in CA Will Take Devastating Blow

Posted on 27 August 2012 by admin

Dear Friends,
Governor Brown’s administration and a few legislators have moved forward with plans to strangle the Workers Compensation system. Tomorrow Senator Kevin de Leon and Assemblymember Jose Solorio will move to amend legislation to drop in the language that came out of a backroom deal between the Brown Administration, Disney, Safeway, and Angie Wei. Without a loud cry and decisive action Workers Comp in CA will take devastating blow, finishing the job that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and SB 899 set out to do in 2004.
We need your help to stop these pro-employer and anti-injured worker efforts! Please donate now to support our efforts. (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)
Voters Injured at Work has been fighting to defeat this assault on injured workers. Our efforts contacted more than 900,000 registered voters and generated more than 3,000 calls to Senator Ted Liue’s office. As a result, he refused to be a part of the Governor’s back room deal.
Tomorrow Voters Injured at Work will take a delegation of injured workers to the State Capitol to have their voices heard and demand that Governor Brown, Senator DeLeon and Assemblyman Solorio stop their assault on injured workers. We will hold a press conference in the State Capitol with injured workers and will also deliver copies of letters from injured workers and demand to be heard.
You can help us by helping to sponsor this effort. Your financial support will help us keep the pressure on by sponsoring travel for injured workers, event expenses, and ongoing efforts to generate calls to key legislators and the Governor. Donate now! (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)
This deal will strip injured workers of a chance to seek treatment and fair releif for their injuries. If you don’t donate you will pay an even greater price if this legislation passes. Help us send politicians in Sacramento that they cannot beat up on injured workers just to please employers. Make a donation now! (CLICK HERE TO DONATE)
Jesse Ceniceros

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