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REBUTTAL Senate Bill 923 (DeLeón)

Posted on 05 June 2012 by admin


Senate Bill 923 (DeLeón)

Voters Injured at Work agrees with the sponsor of Senate Bill 923 (DeLeón) – U. S. HealthWorks – that California needs to increase reimbursements to attract and retain qualified physicians to treat and evaluate injured workers. VIAW disagrees with the proposed method of achieving that end. Injured workers need both primary care physicians and specialists, but VIAW cannot support any proposal that funds an increase for one class of physicians at the expense of another. As drafted, by mandating the adoption of the Medicare RBRVS Fee Schedule, SB 923 could slash up to $500 million a year from medical specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, internists, neurologists and physical medicine specialists to grant primary care physicians a comparable raise. Without additional new funding, the adoption of the Medicare Fee Schedule will gravely affect injured workers’ access to medical specialist services for both treatment and evaluation.

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  1. Richard T. Seiler Says:

    Not only does reimbursement need to be improved but; the QME’s and AME’s need to be currently qualified in their specialties. Injured Workers have not got enough information on the QME Panels to make an informed decision. All QME reports should be automatically eliminated and the provider should not be reimbursed for late reports.

  2. Tera Says:

    After reading this article I myself disagree that slashing funds to increase just qualified physicians and alleviate some specialists from the care of injured workers is absurd for the care that really is needed to alleviate pain down the years to come.

    Also, wouldn’t that qualified primary physicians have the right to recommend that injured workers be seen with a specialists? My primary doctor does and if RWI disagree, I appeal it with WCAB….

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