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Shasta County man convicted of worker’s compensation fraud, grand theft

Posted on 16 February 2012 by admin

By Record Searchlight staff

A 52-year-old Shasta County man is facing more than four years in Shasta County jail after being convicted today by a jury of insurance fraud, worker’s compensation fraud and grand theft.

Tony Roey Stevenson is due to be sentenced on April 13 and faces a maximum sentence of four-years, four-months in jail, Deputy District Attorney Patricia Van Ert said.

Stevenson was employed as an auto detailer at Crown Motors in Redding when he claimed he slipped and injured his back in February 2007, she said.

Stevenson began collecting worker’s compensation benefits and returned to work on modified duty while being paid for wage loss, she said.

But, she said, it was later suspected he was committing fraud when his insurer learned he was racing go-carts at an indoor racetrack in Redding and was also videotaped detailing his own car and bending over in a manner that was inconsistent with the injuries he described to his treating physician.

Van Ert said Stevenson must pay $30,524 in restitution, including $8,907 is for the worker’s compensation benefits he received and another $21,617 to cover the cost of his insurer’s investigation.

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