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California DIR Highlights New Laws Slated To Take Effect In 2012

Posted on 06 January 2012 by admin

Oakland, CA ( – The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) highlights new laws that apply to California employers and take effect Jan. 1, 2012. The new laws are designed to provide protections for employees and detail requirements for new hires. Other new laws allow for employer savings in their workers’ compensation costs.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2012, California employers must provide additional information to new hires that are not exempt from overtime, are not public employees, or subject to certain collective bargaining agreements. Assembly Bill, (AB) 469 requires a written notice be provided at the time of hire that contains specified information about rate of pay, pay day designation, physical address of the employer’s main office and the name, address, and phone number of the employer’s workers’ compensation carrier. A template of the written notice is available from the California Labor Commissioner at

Under the new requirements of AB 243, farm labor contractors are now required to include, in the itemized information on employee pay statements, the name and address of the legal entity (usually a grower) that secured the services of the farm labor contractor.

Payment rules for dispensing medical equipment and drugs, including compounded drugs, are prescribed by AB 378. This bill also reduces inappropriate financial incentives in order to lowers workers’ compensation costs by by prohibiting referral of a patient to a pharmacy in which the physician has financial interest.

AB 1168 lowers workers’ compensation costs by establishing a fee schedule for vocational experts. This will prohibit vocational experts from being paid fees in excess of what is allowed under the schedule.

SB 826 establishes a penalty schedule for addressing violations of workers’ compensation data reporting requirements by claims administrators.

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  1. Joe Giella Says:

    I have worked at this company for almost 20 years and I have had two injuryies. the first one was in March 2006 when workers where taking down 15′ tall rackinfing when one of the up rights that weighted 125 lbs fell on to me and I couldn’t move for about 15 min. I did v erthing the insurancee asked me to do. The doctor released me telling me I will just hve to leave with the pain.
    The second time I went out on stress disaaility and the compony sais it would be no problem and I would start getting disability checks soon. I called the insurance company to find out where the money is and they told me that they where not going to send me any cheecks and the copany just hangs up the phone on me. I also recieved a phone call while I was on disability and was told me they did away with my posion and that I was terminated.