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Ten Things Workers Say About Workplace Bullying

Posted on 27 December 2011 by admin

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If your fear of work involves more than just that towering pile of assignments on your desk, you may not be alone.

According to a survey from, 27% of employees have indicated they felt bullied while at the workplace. The survey notes that the problem is more commonly reported for women (34%) than for men (22%). (WCxKit)

For those employees who reported they had been bullied, the following points were noted as the most typical forms of such actions:

1. My comments were dismissed or not acknowledged – 43%

2. I was falsely accused of mistakes I did not make – 40%

3. I was harshly criticized – 38%

4. I was forced into doing work that really was not my job – 38%

5. Different standards & policies were used for me than for other workers – 37%

6. I was given mean looks – 31%

7. Others gossiped about me – 27%

8. My boss yelled at me in front of other co-workers – 24%

9. Belittling comments were made about my work during meetings – 23%

10. Someone else stole credit for my work – 21%.

While standing up to bullying can get a worker in trouble, it appears many do seem to see it as a deterrent to confronting the situation. A majority of employees claim they will stick up for themselves. Close to half of workers who indicated they’d been bullied also noted they would confront the individual head on, and 28% said they informed human resources. (WCxKit)

“Bullying is a serious offense that can disrupt the work environment, impact morale, and lower productivity,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of Human Resources at CareerBuilder. “If you are feeling bullied, keep track of what was said or done and who was present. The more specifics you can provide, the stronger the case you can make for yourself when confronting the bully head on or reporting the bully to a company authority.”

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