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Holiday for the Homeless and Less Fortunate Events Helps 500

Posted on 20 December 2011 by admin


Vanessa Abner

A mass of 60 volunteers organized hundreds of clothing and blanket donations according to gender and size in two large rooms. While in the kitchen, Chef Wayne Wilson directed 20 cooks in peeling hundreds of potatoes, seasoning and cooking five large bins of ground beef, steaming rice and beans as one volunteer gathered near the microwave oven heating about 500 flour tortillas.

Homeless children, women and men gathered at the Central City Community Church of Nazarene on Skid Row this past Sunday to receive clothing, blankets and toys donated by hundreds of volunteers as part of the 1st Annual Holiday for the Homeless and Less Fortunate fundraiser hosted by Voters’ Injured at Work, S.I.R. Practice Solutions and Latino Comp.

Pastor Tony stood smiling in the front corridor of the church as volunteers maneveured about to what seemed like a symphony orchestra. “I’m extremely excited and happy that this is taking place,” he said, “this is all a blessing from above.”

Sherist Rodriguez, executive director of S.I.R. Practice Solutions, and coordinator of the event, said in a letter to volunteers that she was honored, blessed and overwhelmed to have served the poor with the help of so many volunteers.

The first volunteers began to show up at 11:00 a.m. and doors were opened at 2:00 p.m. to begin the event. Many volunteers stayed until late into the night to help clean up and give out the last helpings of food and gifts of clothing.

“This is really fun and I wouldn’t mind doing this again next year,” said Alex, a volunteer. And with the efforts of Voters’ Injured at Work, S.I.R. Practice Solutions and Latino Comp they hope to do it all again in 2012.


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