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Amelia Mendoza & CNA AD

Posted on 08 October 2011 by admin

Amelia Mendoza 52 year old nurse was denied professional medical care, at Huntington Hospital, Pasadena in 2009. Amelia suffered injuries that resulted in her falling into a vegetative state. The CNA and iWAR release this ad featuring Mendoza. The California Nurses Association Co-President DeAnn McEwen said, “Meg Whitman praises a broken workers’ compensation insurance system that regularly denies care and disability compensation to nurses, nurses assistants, and other injured at work, just like Amelia Mendoza. We want Californians to know whose side Whitman is on.”

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Help Amelia Mendoza

Posted on 08 October 2011 by admin : Certified nurse assistant Amelia Mendoza, 52, of West Covina, was physically attacked by a patient while working at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena earlier this year. Amelia was examined in the hospitals Emergency Room and ordered back to work. After a second attack by the same dangerous patient, Huntington Hospital turned Amelia away from their in-house workers compensation clinic. They were “too busy” that day, and told her to come back tomorrow. But within hours, Amelia collapsed into a vegetative state, and has not recovered.

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