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Support Senator Gil Cedillo for Congress

Posted on 28 February 2009 by admin

February 6, 2009

Dear Fellow Americans,

In the near future San Gabriel Valley voters in California’s 32nd Congressional district will have to decide who will represent them in a yet-to-be-scheduled special election to replace our friend U.S. Rep. Hilda Solis (D); who is almost certain to be confirmed soon as the new secretary of Labor.

Given these special circumstances, we have a unique opportunity to aid one of our own in continuing the good work of our friend Congresswomen Solis.

Senator Gil Cedillo is such a person. He has demonstrated – for many years now – the courage and fortitude to stand and fight for the values and best interests of working California men and women. Even when faced with difficult counter prevailing political trends, he has stood strong not ever wavering.

For, he has been one of our most outspoken advocates in the California Senate. He has worked diligently to deliver legislation year after year with the intent to bring much needed relief to California’s injured worker population.

For too long, Washington D.C. has ignored the plight of America’s injured workers. The fact is that not since the Nixon administration in 1972 has there been a review of the states’ workers compensation laws. That last commission found, over 30 years ago, that the system of state laws was “inequitable and inadequate.”

And with the introduction this year of U.S. Rep. Joe Baca’s legislation (HR 635) to examine the state and nations workers compensation system, now more than ever Gil Cedillo – a proven skilled public servant with close ties to President OBAMA – is in a unique position to support the necessary legislative needs of our nations injured worker population and most importantly all our fellow working Americans.

We are convinced Gil Cedillo has the experience, knowledge and values that fully prepare him to meet the challenges we confront in Washington, D.C.

We urge you to learn more about his campaign, please go to


Jesse Ceniceros
President of the Board of Directors

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